Install WhatsApp Messenger

Install WhatsApp Messenger on your mobile

It is time to talk about one of the best messaging application you can find and since there is WhatsApp we have a different way of communicating without problems. Today we’ll explain in detail on their operation and best of all is that you can have this application quickly. Yes, we are talking about install WhatsApp Messenger and after doing this, you know perfectly about what makes this so important as interesting application for all users who spend communicating at all times with their loved ones.

Install WhatsApp Messenger for Android

Install Whatsapp

Install Whatsapp

It takes into account that the process of download WhatsApp Messenger for Android can be quickly from your Smartphone with Android 3.0 as well as subsequent updates. Also, it is important to point out that it is one of the most sought after applications within Google Play. Is by that that not can leave of take in has that we found with many options interesting and an of them is, that is compatible for the last version that became available for our device mobile. WhatsApp Messenger download by pressing the button “install” and then do this, is that you can continue with the installation process where by accepting the terms and conditions, as you can use it quickly.

After you do this, you will only have to register your account and in doing so is that you can continue with the operation of this application. Currently is the best choice of versions of Messenger for this operating system. So not let of take it in features as an of the best options that have arrived to this system operating of our device mobile.

Install WhatssApp Messenger for iPhone

IOS also supports WhatsApp Messenger and you can find it quickly with the App Store, being thus one of the most complete options you’ll find with respect to this excellent application. You have to take into account that currently the version of Messenger that has arrived, offers us a very good way to know use to maximize everything arrived this excellent application for your device. You have to take into account that now on iPhone, is one of the apps more downloaded you’ll find and at the same time is that you’ll see how they have come a series of immediate options for you to download quickly.

Whatsapp acount

Whatsapp acount

Once you have done this, you don’t consider how to install WhatsApp Messenger for iPhone and in so doing, it is that it will become a very good option that currently don’t use a maximum on how works this excellent application that became available for this OS iPhone, so don’t take it into account.


Solved Whatsapp not installing

Whatsapp continues to be the messaging application per excellence. The clear majority of us are satisfied with its operation and we are unnerved when it fails.  The cause of WhatsApp problems may have origins that we do not control, such as server problems, but the vast majority of cases are often misunderstandings or misconfigurations. We have the solution for this problem, we call this article solved Whatsapp not installing. Let’s begin!

Do you have the latest version?

If you have internet connection and the application is working, but you do not find the option you are looking for or notes that the application does not work as it should, the first thing is to verify that you have the latest version of the application. For this you only have to go to Google Play, search for WhatsApp and if you have the option to update do not hesitate for a second.

Unlock whatsapp

Unlock whatsapp

If you still have problems with the operation, you may want to delete the application cache, Settings> Applications> WhatsApp> Storage> Clear cache.

Do you have an internet connection?

It may seem silly but I would put my hand on the fire that 80% of the problems we have with WhatsApp are due to a bad connection to the internet. To check that we have a good WhatsApp service we will go into the application settings in Information and help> Service status. Here it will give us some clue as to if the service works correctly, there is some problem in the servers or it is our connection that is failing.

Unlock WhatsApp using VPN

Following a decision by a Brazilian court to close WhatsApp in December 2015, following a decision by a Brazilian court to close WhatsApp in December 2015, several countries suffered side effects and WhatsApp stopped working. In November 2016, the application suffered problems on its servers and WhatsApp fell for a few hours in central Europe. These situations are exceptional but they can happen, so better be prepared.

latest version whatsapp

latest version whatsapp

This solution is worth to unlock the application, simply using VPN. You have to be careful and not trust anyone in this regard.

I do not receive the activation code

Sure, sounds familiar: give us a smartphone and the first thing we do is download WhatsApp. But once the application is installed and the new phone number is entered, the activation code does not reach us. Frustration. The problem may be that, with excitement, we have written the number wrongly; or that we have repeated the 0034, which is already added automatically. If by mistake, the application has detected that we are in Russia, we can always change it.

It is best to stay calm, and repeat the process by paying close attention. It is also very important that we ensure that the number provided does not already have an open WhatsApp account. Normally the program will automatically close one of the accounts, so that we can only use the service on a smartphone. This may be a reason why we do not receive the code.

Solved Whatsapp not installing

We hope this article can help you to solve the problems you have when downloading WhatsApp on your device.


Install WhatsApp App

When it comes to talk about messaging, applications it is true that we will always find many alternatives, however, not all offer stability and not only that, but that you can really communicate with those people. That’s that out of WhatsApp, we have many tools and that caused one of the most important apps that you can find, mainly for all users who need to be conectad@s at all times, and now with a fast interface and free, you can communicate with your friends.

WhatsApp is an App that allows us to be connected with our contacts we have stored within our smarpthone. It is available for various ranges of devices, as well as operating systems. Then of all of this, I can assure you that it is one of the applications that can not miss so that you know, all about what you can do to give you features that you can communicate only with a stable internet connection.

whatsapp for pc

whatsapp for pc

What can you do on WhatsApp App?

We find great benefits as it allows us to communicate live, i.e., that the communication will be immediate, to the extent that you realize how communication is direct. Another interesting point is that it allows us to be able to send and receive files. In addition to using emojis, clear, and calls that you can send a series of messages of voice or also known as voice clip.

Another point to note is that WhatsApp for PC, because that allows us to be close, not only from our mobile devices can also be used. Don’t worry, even now you can use your WhatsApp profile from your computer, just your pc and Smartphone, to have an internet connection and battery to keep connected your account connection.

Now, you download WhatsApp for Android, iOS, Windows Phone can and of course, that you can now use WhatsApp in the computer. Since you know about supported operating systems, do not worry, you can do so in only 2 minutes.

How to install WhatsApp for 3?

If you have a Gmail account and now associate the account to gain access to Google Play, as well, I want to tell you that we have two options for what you can do. The first thing to do, is give you high in case of failure to do so.

Since you have ready this, then you’ll have that go to Google Play, usually among the most downloaded app, is that WhatsApp Messenger, will appear to us however and should not see it, you have to do: select the magnifying glass search to place the name of the application. One with a “popcorn or stick”, is the official version.

Once you entered, then you must find the button “Download”, where then open us a window which tells us about the application and when will you accept the terms and conditions then, proceed installation. When it is ready, then it shall be you just open the application directly from your desktop or also known as “home menu”.

How to install WhatsApp for iPhone or iPad?


WhatsApp for iPhone is another basic App to download, I want to tell you that allows us to take into account that we are basic needs such as communication and in this case, can not miss. To install it, you can do it directly from the official website of WhatsApp or also in App store.

Where you have to do it from the app store, then, is to take into account that it will appear among the most downloaded app Whatsapp. When you have already found it, you have to select it.

Subsequently, appear to us the opinions, ratings and requirements as well as their characteristics that you can meet when installing the application. So to be with the application, since you’re into that, you will have to press the button “view”, then “install”, appears a bar loading and then ask us to authorize the installation process.

If you have an iPhone 5s or later versions, you can afford it just to put your fingerprint and when you don’t, will only have to enter your password so that you can install. This process usually takes 1 to 2 minutes, all depending on the speed of your internet connection.

How to install WhatsApp App for Windows Phone?

In this case, you can also make it from your Windows Smartphone or from the browser, where you can download the application without problems. It is very important to mention that this process can do so immediately.

It is application can find it for OS 10.1 Windows mobile and Windows 8.1, in this way and when you don’t, I want to tell you that you can not download it. If you do it from the official website, it is likely that you redirect to the application so that you don’t have complications at the time of download it.

To be a compatible application, it will tell you if you can download it and this won’t have problems to find the version that your computer needs.

It is necessary to mention that WhatsApp App earlier was an interesting alternative since it was available for other operating systems, but with the improvements of the application, complications have been taken to make them fully compatible. That’s why it becomes a very accepted version so that you don’t have complications about the performance of the application and that your upgrade only now does, that is available for the operating systems mentioned above.